Our Foodbank is Very Low

Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) provides asylum seeking, women, men and children in Australia with essential food and shelter needed to survive. In recent times, the JRS Foodbank has proven to be a particularly essential service for people seeking asylum and refugees living in Sydney.

Unfortunately, the demands on our Foodbank are now even higher. “Our Foodbank is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. But by Tuesday, there is no food,” said Kim, one of our dedicated Caseworkers at the JRS Westmead space.

Government’s cuts in Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) have been deeply felt by people seeking asylum and have exacerbated the need for JRS to provide essential items in order to ensure that people are not hungry..

Our Caseworkers speak of the worsening situation for people seeking asylum that has really impacted our work and has increased demand on JRS’ Foodbank. “Material need is becoming even more important”, said Kim; who now runs the Foodbank.

JRS Caseworkers have often had to apologise to people in need for having no food in stock. The need is far more wide-reaching. “There are just so many people coming through the door with no income,” said Maeve Brown; our Arrupe Project Manager.

Our Community Development Coordinator, Joanna Brooke, previously ran JRS’ Foodbank services. She spoke of the pressures of trying to find enough food to feed those in need. “Our numbers needing Foodbank have more than doubled.” Demand has increased and it is very difficult to replenish the Foodbank. “It’s been at very low levels for weeks and I’m at a loss!” said Joanna.

The JRS Foodbank is a small space that holds essential items like fruit, vegetable, fresh produce as well as rice and tuna. Located in Western Sydney, in JRS’ Westmead space, we are privileged to also have a handful of dedicated volunteers who help with the Foodbank. Without fail, these Volunteers devote their time and energy every week to ensure that our  Foodbank runs smoothly. By the time people seeking asylum arrive at the space, we attempt to efficiently provide these people and their families with essential needs.

But we need your help.

Please donate to our Foodbank so that our Caseworkers and Volunteers can tell asylum seeking, women, men and children that enter our JRS space that they can provide them with the food that they need.

Donating is Easy. 

Please see the above image for a “wish list” of essential items for our Foodbank. Then, simply order online at Coles and it will be delivered to us:

Jesuit Refugee Service,
2 Darcy Rd, Westmead
Phone: 02 9098 9336.

Alternatively, you can drop off items in person. Any weekday; between 9am-3pm.

Sign the Petition! Please sign this petition to end the SRSS cuts that have caused hunger and destitution affecting people seeking asylum.



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