Link – JRS newsletter Autumn 2018

Cover page photo in LInk, JRS' Autumn 2018 issue newsletter: four women seated on stage as panellists during Refugee Alternatives Conference, Melbourne, February 2018

Link Autumn 2018 front cover image: Four inspiring women with refugee backgrounds, on a panel at the Refugee Alternatives Conference in February 2018

Want to read JRS’ quarterly print newsletter, Link, online? Read the latest issue – Autumn 2018 – here>>>

This newsletter features:

  • JRS Director Carolina Gottardo’s participation in Australia’s 2018 Refugee Alternatives Conference
  • The agency of woman refugees in shaping a positive future in Australia
  • JRS Australia’s role as a key civil society voice, advocating for social justice for refugees and asylum seekers living in Australia
  • The key role the community can play – and does
  • JRS Australia’s Easter appeal, aimed to raise funds to enable JRS to support the people seeking asylum who are facing harsh cuts to their income support during the asylum application process
  • A success story for a participant in the JRS/House of Welcome Empowered to Work employment program.
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