People seeking refuge in Australia may be resettled in Cambodia

8th May 2014

Given that Australia has a clear capacity to integrate those who seek its protection in Australia, it is an improper use of resettlement to devolve that responsibility to yet another country.

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Government has breached its legal responsibilities towards refugees, says JRS

30th April 2014

JRS laments the lack of progress on the creation of a Regional Cooperation Framework

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New website for JRS

17th March 2014

JRS Australia has launched a new website which aims to use stories and images to publicise the work it does and to advocate on behalf of the refugees and asylum seekers with whom it works.

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Media Release: JRS calls on the Australian government to reveal true cost of PNG policy and to strengthen safe pathways

22nd July 2013

Sending asylum seekers to PNG is a punitive, ill-considered and rushed policy announcement, seemingly designed to win an election rather than to strengthen safe pathways for those fleeing persecution.

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Australia/Indonesia Press Statement: Losing perspective in the search for simple solutions

11th July 2013

JRS Indonesia and Australia claim there are no quick solutions to complex movements of people throughout the region and warn against returning asylum seekers to Indonesia.

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Australia: removing a country from the migration zone

27th May 2013

In an unprecedented effort to deter the arrival of asylum seekers who are in need of sanctuary, the federal Labor party has performed a dramatic U-turn and excised the entire Australian mainland from the migration zone.

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JRS calls on Government to reinstate work rights

13th April 2013

The government’s decision to release families on bridging visas is a positive step but the omission of work rights from the policy will put asylum seekers at high risk of destitution, says Jesuit Refugee Service Australia. “Denying families the right…

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Australia: Opposition asylum seeker proposals ignore the facts

1st March 2013

JRS Australia advocates for refugees and asylum seekers to live in communities, and not in detention centers. Assistance is provided to both those in detention and living in the communities through the Shelter project and the Community Detention Project.

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“No advantage” policy cruel, inhumane, and immoral

22nd November 2012

Jesuit Refugee Service Australia says that it views with alarm and concern the Australian government’s decision to apply the “no advantage” test to asylum seekers who arrive by boat and are released into the community. The Minister of Immigration announced that…

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New refugee bill ‘retrograde and reprehensible’

6th November 2012

Jesuit Refugee Service Australia has criticised the Australian government’s decision to excise the mainland from the migration zone, saying it amounts to a selective de facto withdrawal from the Refugee Convention and undermines the international refugee protection regime. The decision…

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