Directors Letters

Director’s Letters

Aloysious Mowe SJ has been the Director of Jesuit Refugee Service Australia since 2011, and serves on the Board of Jesuit Mission Australia. He is a member of the Malaysia-Singapore Region of the Society of Jesus. Aloysious was ordained priest in 1996. His main academic research has been in the area of Islamic history and law. He has taught Islamic history and Arabic at the University of Oxford and has lectured in Islamic law at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

JRS urges generosity in the face of despair

2nd December 2014

The new JRS centre in Parramatta, Arrupe Place, is intended to be a focal point of service and accompaniment for vulnerable asylum seekers in the community.

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Looking into the eyes of those who seek justice

15th October 2014

It is ironic that at a time of unprecedented global displacement, we have also witnessed the rise of what Pope Francis called “globalised indifference”.

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Confronting bigotry

15th October 2014

These last few weeks I have been wondering what it feels like to be a Muslim, or to appear vaguely “Middle Eastern”, in Australia.

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When the boats come in

28th March 2014

Thousands of people coming to this country to seek asylum are being treated as criminals, either locked up on Christmas Island while awaiting transportation to Australia’s new penal colonies in Papua New Guinea and Nauru, or sent back to the…

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Time to convert our conscience

13th March 2014

The notion that Australia is fulfilling its legal and moral obligations as a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention by resettling refugees from refugee camps overseas is built on a convenient misreading of that convention.

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Address to the UNHCR NGO consultations by the Director of JRS Australia, Fr Aloysious Mowe SJ

11th November 2013

Apart from our Community Detention program, there is only one cohort of asylum seekers in Sydney with whom JRS normally works directly: people who arrive by air, and have lodged protection claims.

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The View from Here

19th June 2012

“We are inhospitable only when we believe that we will never need another person’s hospitality. It is a great temptation to think that we will always be rich, or secure, or safe, or healthy. Any one of us, however high…

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Australia: Fear of ‘other’ reflected on refugees

17th June 2011

“in fact the first boats to arrive on Australian shores did indeed bring foreign interlopers…” Sydney, 15 June 2011 – I was watching the May 9th edition of ABC’s Q&A television program when, during a discussion about the Australian government’s proposal to…

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