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Director’s Letters

Aloysious Mowe SJ has been the Director of Jesuit Refugee Service Australia since 2011, and serves on the Board of Jesuit Mission Australia. He is a member of the Malaysia-Singapore Region of the Society of Jesus. Aloysious was ordained priest in 1996. His main academic research has been in the area of Islamic history and law. He has taught Islamic history and Arabic at the University of Oxford and has lectured in Islamic law at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

Media Release: Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Australia welcomes new Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) report on people seeking asylum in the Australian community.

17th July 2019

JRS Australia welcomes the release of a landmark Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) report on lives of people in the so-called ‘Legacy Caseload.’ The report, entitled Lives on hold: Refugees and asylum seekers in the ‘Legacy Caseload’ draws on the…

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The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Australia’s 2019 Winter Appeal.

14th June 2019

At JRS, we witness the anguish, despair and high levels of distress of people seeking protection in our country. Whilst they try to secure a life free from violence, fear, and persecution, they are confronted with a system filled with…

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Out now! The JRS Australia Annual Report 2018 is available to read.

14th June 2019

Read the JRS Australia Annual Report 2018 here. Once again, thank you all for walking with us in our mission to improve the lives of the many children, women and men that are seeking asylum in Australia.  Our mission is to accompany,…

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The Easter Appeal

17th April 2019

This Lent, please give hope to children & their families who have been forced to flee their homes seeking safety in Australia. Can you help? Our appeal is featured here: The Easter Appeal.  

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JRS Australia’s regional collaboration

19th December 2017

The mission of Jesuit Refugee Service is to accompany, serve and defend the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced people. In November 2017, JRS Australia’s Director, Carolina Gottardo visited other JRS programs in Thailand and Indonesia and  attended meetings in the…

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A Crisis of Solidarity

30th November 2016

The Christmas story is steeped in irony. The shepherds who work on the edges of the city move to the centre of the world when they become the recipients of the angelic message. The Magi seeking a King are sent to see a newborn baby. The vulnerable child is in fact the Lord of the universe.

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Who is my neighbour?

9th November 2016

“We decide who is coming here.” Malcolm Turnbull must have been hoping to gain both the conservative chops and the electoral success of former Prime Minister John Howard when he uttered these words in defence of his plans to ban asylum seekers who have arrived in Australia on boats from ever entering Australia. It was Howard of course who perfected the art of dog-whistle politics when he said in 2001 that “we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.”

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Stopping the Boats – A False Dichotomy

25th August 2016

In the wake of the latest reports detailing the abhorrent conditions on Nauru and the recent announcement that the offshore processing centre on Manus Island will finally be closed, a shift has taken place in the public debate on the efficacy of offshore processing.

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Easter brings hope and peace

23rd March 2016

Let us pray this Easter that the God of mercy will roll away the rock that blocks up the hearts and minds of our policy-makers and political leaders.

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The other in our midst

11th December 2015

Her wit and her tenacity, born of love and desperation, wins Jesus over: her daughter is saved.

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