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Why resettlement is not the solution to the world’s refugee crisis


Every minute of every day in 2015, around 24 people were displaced from their homes. That amounted to 34,000 people per day, worldwide, who were forced to seek refuge elsewhere. These large numbers of newly displaced persons further swelled the 16.1 million refugees in the world who, according to the UN Agency for Refugees (UNHCR), were already displaced.

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Stopping the Boats Part II – A Threat to the Architecture of Protection


The war in Syria continues on with no end in sight. For six years, Syrians have lived under a black cloud of misery and death. The numbers of refugees produced by this conflict is staggering: over 4.8 million people have managed to escape the horror and violence of the civil war; these are the lucky ones, the refugees fortunate enough to cross international borders into neighbouring countries in search of safety and protection.

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Stopping the Boats – A False Dichotomy


In the wake of the latest reports detailing the abhorrent conditions on Nauru and the recent announcement that the offshore processing centre on Manus Island will finally be closed, a shift has taken place in the public debate on the efficacy of offshore processing.

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Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2017

14th October 2016

Migration today is not a phenomenon limited to some areas of the planet. It affects all continents and is growing into a tragic situation of global proportions. Not only does this concern those looking for dignified work or better living conditions, but also men and women, the elderly and children, who are forced to leave their homes in the hope of finding safety, peace and security. Children are the first among those to pay the heavy toll of emigration, almost always caused by violence, poverty, environmental conditions, as well as the negative aspects of globalization. The unrestrained competition for quick and easy profit brings with it the cultivation of perverse scourges such as child trafficking, the exploitation and abuse of minors and, generally, the depriving of rights intrinsic to childhood as sanctioned by the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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Announcement of new appointments in the Jesuit Refugee Service

29th September 2016

The International Director of the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), Fr Thomas H. Smolich SJ, has appointed Fr Aloysious Mowe SJ as the Director of Advocacy and Communications at the JRS International Office in Rome. Fr Mowe currently serves as the Country Director for JRS Australia, a position he has held since January 2011. He will begin his term at the JRS International Office on 1st May 2017.

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Civil Society from across the Asia Pacific meets for 6th Asia Pacific Consultation on Refugee Rights

23rd September 2016

“We are at a critically important juncture where there are great opportunities for tangible changes to be made. We have seen some very promising developments in the region that can be capitalised upon.” BANGKOK, 22 September 2016 – Over a…

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An inter-religious statement on behalf of forced migrants

21st September 2016

In this year of the Jubilee of Mercy, announced by Pope Francis, in conjunction with the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca and on today’s occasion of the UN International Day of Peace, Catholic and Muslim leaders stand in solidarity to call upon all governments, religious institutions, and people of good-will to work together in tackling the root causes of forced migration.

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Indigenous elders welcome people seeking asylum to Parramatta

15th September 2016

The Parramatta area has been a meeting place for people of different nations and languages for many generations before the first English speakers arrived in this land. So it was fitting that a group of asylum seekers, who arrived in Australia from many lands, came together in this place to learn and share in the rich culture of the original inhabitants of the area.

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Parramatta community welcomes refugees

12th September 2016

On a warm September evening, in the heart of Parramatta, over 150 people from all over the world gathered to share a meal.

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Caritas Internationalis and the Jesuit Refugee Service welcome the outcome document of the UN Summit on Refugees and Migration

8th September 2016

Our organisations welcome the outcome document to be adopted on 19 September 2016 as an important step towards the global governance of migration and development. We have long called for a people-centred, human rights and dignity approach to internal and international migrants and refugees. We welcome the focus on respecting the rights of all migrants and a shared responsibility for refugee reception.

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Accompaniment at every stage of the journey

19th August 2016

“All are treated with equal dignity and respect, no matter where they are in the process of seeking protection and regardless of how they arrived in Australia.” Casework at JRS certainly keeps you on your toes. As a drop-in service,…

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Women’s Health and Pamper Day

19th August 2016

On a cold and wet Friday morning in early August, around 20 women gathered at the JRS Arrupe Place Community Centre to share cups of tea and conversation, but this was more than just a day to catch up with friends. It was the second JRS Women’s Health and Pamper Day. A day for the women we work with to take a break and focus on their own care and relaxation.

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Why stopping the boats does not solve the problem

28th July 2016

Austria’s foreign minister recently suggested that people seeking asylum in Europe should not be allowed to enter the continent, but should be held on offshore islands instead. Sebastian Kurz said that the principles of the “Australian model” should be applied to Europe, and went as far as to suggest that people who entered Europe “illegally” should lose their right to apply for asylum.

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Community responds to JRS’ winter clothing appeal

20th July 2016

Over 300 asylum seekers living in Western Sydney benefited from JRS’ second annual Winter Clothing Bazaar recently. Hundreds of donated items were delivered in the days leading up to the bazaar, highlighting the fact that many people in the community are concerned about the welfare of those seeking asylum.

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JRS awarded community grant to help build resilient, vibrant and healthy communities in the Parramatta LGA

7th July 2016

The City of Parramatta has awarded Jesuit Refugee Service Australia with a community grant at a ceremony on Wednesday 29 June, 2016. The grant will be used by JRS to provide employment training and English language classes to people seeking asylum who are living in the Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA) in order that they may become self-sufficient, connected, and productive members of the local community…

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Dr Jesuit Refugee Service

24th June 2016

“This doctorate is a great recognition and appreciation of the work of JRS. It will surely give a boost to our work.”  “ Since the Jesuit Refugee Service is engaged in a mission which is both humanitarian and in the field…

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